Who We Are

At Ad Astra Ventures, we know that you want to be a powerhouse founder who is seen and heard. In order to do that, you must leverage your unique skills as a leader. The problem is, many of the leadership qualities women possess are overlooked and undervalued, which makes us feel like we don’t belong. We believe women don’t have to behave like their male counterparts to succeed, and that includes the way they scale and fund their companies. Having spent decades in startups, venture, corporate America and academia, we know what it feels like to be excluded because of our gender. This is why we’ve set out to change the status quo. We have turned our passion for empowering women into a startup growth experience, and since 2018, have trained more than 70 founders to spot and neutralize implicit bias, unleash their badassery and get noticed.

Blue Per Aspera

How We Facilitate Change

We’ve combined decades of experience with proven techniques to help women Get to Even. How? We are equipping founders and investors on both sides of the venture table with the tools to:

1) recognize and neutralize bias & 2) lead authentically

The three partners at Ad Astra have diverse backgrounds and various investment styles, and have come together to help women Get to Even. Our society deserves this. Let’s get started.

Allison Long Pettine


Vidya Dinamani

Dr. Silvia Mah

Our Pillars

What We Stand For

Discovery: We believe that a focus on individual strengths leads to authentic leadership.

AdvocacyWe highlight female founders and investors knowing that examples are critically important.

Knowledge: We readily share our experience because we understand that makes it easier for the women following us.

Our Methodology

How We Get to Even

Awareness: The first step to change is to pause and recognize what is happening around us.

Impact: After becoming aware, we have to understand the impact on us personally.

Action: Armed with knowledge and understanding, we can implement solutions that lead to immediate change.

Our “Collaboratory”


Each small group is assigned an AAV Leader

Your go-to person throughout an AAV experience

Continually & mindfully connecting the dots


Deliberately curated small groups

Designed to be in similar industry

Curated to share specific experiences & resources


Connect with other tenacious & fierce female founders 

Get to know mentor-investors who value equality, integrity & impact

Amplify wins, offer help & raise awareness


portfolio companies


bootcamp alumnae


mentor investors


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