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Founder Bootcamps

Offered multiple times throughout the year, our founder bootcamps support you in the earliest stage of your company so you can 1) identify and serve your customers’ real needs, 2) simplify your product to optimize customer engagement and retention and 3) raise the right level of capital in order to maximize options down the line, all while prioritizing your mission and values. Apply, today!

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Venture Builder

As a founder, you thrive with impactful strategy, strong community, and conscious capital, which is why we roll up our sleeves and support you for the long haul. Unlike other funds and accelerators that only help you achieve one or two of those critical needs, we address all three through our Venture Builder so you can flourish.  

Along with an initial investment, our three partners journey beside you for 6-8 months to build a strong foundation for your company. We dig in to solve the most critical problems you’re facing. We surround you with our network of world-class advisors and mentors who are incredible resources for when you’re feeling stuck. 

Participants in the Venture Builder are selected from Founder Bootcamp alumnae.

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Blue Per Aspera

Women often say that we ‘desire a community’ and while there are some powerful ones on the internet, I found this to be as close to the perfect experience and community that I was looking for at this stage in my company and life.”

Amy Kim, KindTail

Frequently Asked Questions

How many women will be in the founder bootcamp?2021-04-04T15:07:38+00:00

The bootcamp will have a maximum of 15 founders (12 companies) and a portion of each day will be spent in a mini-cohort of 4-5 people intentionally grouped by stage and/or industry.  We set our standards extremely high, and are constantly blown away by the quality of applicants we receive.

How much does the founder bootcamp cost?2021-04-04T14:38:21+00:00

We are offering our virtual founders bootcamp at a reduced rate of $350. Because we want to make this accessible for all women, if this creates a financial hardship please contact us.

You can feel good knowing that proceeds from this bootcamp go to our sister organization, Stella Labs, to help support a brand-new female entrepreneur.


There will be no guaranteed investment, and Ad Astra will also not take any equity in the companies that go through the program.


What is so special about Ad Astra for founders?2021-04-04T13:35:10+00:00

Our curriculum is specifically tailored to female founders. Why? Because the research (and our own experience) shows females are at a disadvantage when it comes to founding a startup. Our team has assembled the latest research on this topic and developed a proprietary framework to support women entrepreneurs.

In addition to vital business fundamentals, with the Ad Astra Method you will learn to understand gender biases, assess how these obstacles affect your business and practice tactics for neutralizing bias to succeed personally and professionally.

How do I support Ad Astra as a mentor?2021-04-01T17:04:52+00:00

At Ad Astra, we are always on the lookout for experienced entrepreneurs who share our values of integrity, humility, others before self, and transparency. Each of our highly accomplished mentors have made a positive difference in both Ad Astra Ventures and our portfolio companies. Please contact us at info@adastra.ventures if you are interested in becoming a mentor.

What happens in the founder bootcamp?2021-04-04T15:05:51+00:00

We start with some intentionally designed “Get-to-know-you” exercises to build rapport and trust. This isn’t your average ice-breaker; be prepared to go deep, learn some interesting things about yourself and the other people in the room and uncover what makes you a unique leader.

We hit on topics such as:

  • The AAV implicit bias framework
  • Product market fit at launch, scale or growth
  • Fundraising strategies in a world of subconscious bias
  • Pitch readiness
  • Investor simulations with our mentor network
  • Team, values & culture
  • Personal board of directors
  • Advisory board (if necessary)

We are offering our virtual founders bootcamp at a reduced rate of $350. Because we want to make this accessible for all women, if this creates a financial hardship please contact us.

You can feel good knowing that proceeds from this founders bootcamp go to our sister organization, Stella Labs, to help support a brand-new female entrepreneur.

What do past founder bootcamp attendees have to say?2021-04-04T15:07:17+00:00

We asked our past founder bootcamp attendees what their favorite part of the program was, here are some quotes that make us smile:

  • “If more female founders attend this bootcamp, the more of us will be out there knowing how to get to even. And the more incredible women I can connect with to collaborate and grow our businesses.”
  • “What Ad Astra offers is invaluable to women in the startup phase of their businesses and are getting ready to raise investment.”
  • “Having an opportunity to watch a group of extraordinary women beautifully pitch, then a chance to do my pitch in front of these women, gave me the ability to quickly see some things I needed to change and institute. The highlight was showcasing my new pitch that same morning to investors!”
  • “It really did feel like a Bootcamp – quickly intense, exhausting, unsettling, and highly productive. I loved that we started with the journey map. It was very clear that you all truly cared about us, our goals, our companies, and how we connected. I’ve never seen that before at any startup event.”
  • “As a female CEO and Founder, I have struggled to find a group that treats business factually and in a hard-hitting manner, like men do. This bootcamp is run by SMART women who will call a spade a spade, but rather than tear you down to criticize you (or win), they tear you down to build you back up (to help YOU win).”
  • “I have been craving a place where I could connect with other women who are plagued by self-doubt, loneliness and determination, but who are so darn busy and stressed because they’re out there working their butts off. I’ve found it. Other strong BUSINESS women, not women in business.”
  • “I can’t thank you guys enough. Emotionally I was far from ready for that and I don’t think I’ve been in an environment where we were encouraged to be that vulnerable.”
  • “The time we had together was packed full of meaningful sessions. At the end, I felt more confident to present my business to investors which was my one goal for the program.”
Who is a good fit for the founder bootcamp?2021-04-04T14:35:21+00:00

You have grit, determination and courage. You were uniquely destined to start your company and there is nothing in the world you are meant to be doing right now other than seeing your company to success. You are humble, authentic and also a little crazy, in a good way! You know how hard being at the top is and could use a little help from other founders, the community and the AAV team.

That being said, most of our bootcamp founders have been in the early stages of their business (pre-seed / seed funding). Our founders range from recent college graduates to single moms to executives turned entrepreneurs and all have years of experience relevant to their startup.

In addition, we encourage applicants to have 3 of the 6 following criteria:

  • Generating revenue
  • Some form of IP
  • Conducted multiple customer interviews
  • Proof of Concept
  • MVP
  • Letter of Intent
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