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Our Unique Approach

Gain the tools you need to activate your unique leadership, and build a successful business with lasting impact.

Our tailored programs uniquely prepare female founders to successfully build, run and scale companies in a way that is authentic to the founders style, mission, and values. As a founder or co-founder, you will work side by side in a small cohort with other founding teams and will meet weekly with industry leaders and dedicated mentors. Each company is paired with a Champion who will act as your advisor throughout the program.

Red Per Aspera
Stephanie Canale

“There are topics that were discussed [in the founder bootcamp] that I heard for the first time.  Issues that are applicable to only female founders and every woman should have the opportunity to learn from this group.”

Stephanie Canale, Lactation Lab

Get to Even Bootcamp

For Entrepreneurs

Offered quarterly, our Get to Even Founder Bootcamps offer a rigorous, intense 15 hours that offer women* founders the skills to prepare you and your business to be investor-ready.

In 5 short days, you will uncover strengths in your unique leadership through:

  • Self-discovery (journey maps, strengths & superpowers)
  • Product-market fit & go-to-market refinement
  • Fundraising strategy discussions to neutralize implicit bias
  • Pitch readiness
  • Investor simulations with our VC & angel mentor-investor network

Attending a founder bootcamp is a requirement for consideration for AAV fund & AAV Venture Builder.

*As our content is rooted in implicit bias faced by women, we offer our programming to anyone who identifies as a woman.


Get to Even Workshops

For Entrepreneurs & Startup Ecosystem Organizations

Empower constituents with actionable highlights from the Ad Astra Method

  • Introduce the fundamentals of Ad Astra’s proprietary framework
  • Create a tangible action plan for neutralizing bias and achieving your goals

Sessions available as 90 minute, half day, and full day workshops. Please reach out to for availability & pricing.

Take back control of your fundraising2021-04-01T01:28:05+00:00

What biases are you facing as you raise capital for your startup, how are these biases holding you back, and what can you do about it?

Fundamentals of building a business2021-04-01T01:28:33+00:00

Ad Astra’s Hierarchy of Needs framework is explained. Exploration of this framework and how it particularly benefits female founders.

Selling, Negotiating, and Networking2021-04-01T01:29:06+00:00

Deep dive into 3 topics women do not like to talk or think about but are essential to business success.

Close the Gap Bootcamp

For Investors

Fuel cultural transformation with a uniquely & intentionally designed, customized 2-day investor immersion. Offered annually, attendees will encounter:

  • A curated experience for VCs & their female led portfolio companies
  • Learn to apply lessons from the latest gender research alongside Ad Astra Champions & Partners
  • Empower investors and venture ecosystem stakeholders to own their superpowers and drive conscious growth
  • Comprehensive overview of the Ad Astra Method
  • Deep dives on topics of interest from negotiations & investor strategies. 

You can expect intense exploration, introspection and simulations that will positively challenge your beliefs about yourself and your investment thesis.

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