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Venture Builder

Blue Per Aspera

A Bespoke Model

WE do not require a hefty time commitment or put every founder through a one-size fits all program.

OUR bespoke Venture Builder model meets the founder where she is & addresses the issues she’s facing.

WE roll up our sleeves.

WE put the founder first.

Your goal is long-term success.

We are in this with you.

A trusted community.

A boutique approach.

We’re Not Afraid to Break Traditional Models

We see the vast majority of founding companies focus a significant amount of time & attention on securing capital.

Female founders are no exception – they, too, are obsessed with funding. We think this is just plain wrong. Especially when it’s 10x harder for a women to raise money.

Entrepreneur Hierarchy of Needs

We give each founder the tools & techniques to strengthen her leadership & create a compelling vision for her company.

We surround her with our experience & experts we trust.

About Venture Builder

Discovery Phase2021-03-31T23:59:08+00:00
  • Each founder will work with all three partners
  • First 6 weeks include:
    • 2 full-day kickoff experience
    • Entrepreneur Hierarchy of Needs
    • Assessing & highlighting business gaps
    • Strategic Go-Forward Plan
  • Results are unique & custom for each founder
  • Discovery Phase is followed by Working Phase
Working Phase2021-04-01T00:00:01+00:00
  • Each founder will work with each partner & trusted community leaders for specific needs
  • The 6+ months include:
    • Actionable working sessions to go through Strategic Co-Forward Plan
    • Set blueprint for continued success
  • Complete Venture Builder can take up-to 6 months (approximately) based on availability of founder, the results of strategic assessment against the Hierarchy, and ensuing areas of focus custom to each founder.
More Details2021-04-01T00:04:02+00:00
  • Each founder must have completed the Ad Astra Bootcamp to be considered
  • Investment: ($100K) $50K on a convertible note from AAV on acceptance to Venture Builder, matched by Crescent Ridge Partners (CRP)
  • Equity: (5%) For our AAV programming & strategic advising, we ask for up to 5% common stock
  • Our partnership with CRP provides the ability to invest up to $500K on completion of the Working Phase of the Venture Builder
Ideal Founder2021-04-01T00:03:43+00:00
  • Values-alignment between company & AAV
  • Has desire to grow her business methodically & thoughtfully (vs wanting to build a rocket ship)
  • Has specific industry expertise or personal experience that is foundational to the company
  • Is capital efficient & profitable (or close)
  • Serves a market that is overlooked
  • Is open to both traditional and/or non-traditional venture routes
  • Is actively looking for support specifically for women
  • Open to learning & coaching
  • Advocates for equality
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