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Get to Even

Ad Astra Ventures is an early-stage investment firm that helps powerhouse, mission-driven female founders develop scalable businesses. Existing models for building and growing startups aren’t designed with women in mind, which is why we’re changing things for good. We get you. We are you. Let’s achieve equality across the venture table. Let’s Get to Even.

Red Per Aspera

“We all have heard the statistics of how little funding women receive, but what many women need are the tools and confidence to navigate the landscape and work towards changing these statistics. This program was definitely the first that made me feel like I have the power to persevere.”

Bee Law, Quirkchat

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We support founders in the earliest stages of their companies with quarterly bootcamps that introduce Ad Astra’s three-part approach to: building a business, authentic leadership and capital needs. For investors who want to back diverse founders, we provide yearly bootcamps that teach investors to recognize and neutralize their own biases and invest more authentically.


We are a group of diverse, powerhouse female VC’s who are doing things differently. Our investment firm is exclusively focused on women-led businesses like yours. We don’t just fund women-owned businesses; we focus on the unique strengths of our founders and work with them, step by step, to scale and develop fundraising strategies they can rock!

Venture Builder

As a founder, you prosper with strong strategy, authentic mentorship & conscious capital, which is why we walk alongside your growth & champion you for the long-term. Unlike other funds and accelerators that only help you achieve one or two of those critical needs, we address all three through our Venture Builder so you can bulldoze your doubts and get funded.

“Vidya, Allison, and Silvia do an incredible job helping you reflect on why you’re building your company and who you’re building it for. Unlike any startup event I’ve been to.”

Rae Lietzau, dowop

I left a more confident founder, with insights that will prove vital to our business and tools for navigating our fundraising…  It’s safe to say it blew past all my expectations in every way.”

Amy VanHaren, pumpspotting
Yi-Hsian Godfrey

“One of the best programs I’ve experienced as a female founder.  Wish I had known about the bootcamp earlier!”

Yi-Hsian Godfrey, Apiari
Dawn Myers

“The feedback I got during the Ad Astra Bootcamp helped me make effective changes to my pitch that I could implement immediately!”

Dawn Myers, THE MOST

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