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Hear what our alumni have to say about working with us.

Ad Astra Bootcamp is an incredible program that really gets to the heart of what female founders struggle with most. The community, curriculum, and conversations we had over the 5 day sessions lead to so much connection, learning, and growth. I can't wait to continue implementing what I've learned, and see how it impacts the work that I do for the better. This bootcamp has inspired me to reach my level of success so that I can come alongside and help others reach theirs. Thank you, Ad Astra Team, for the amazing mission and work that you do!"

The AAV founder Bootcamp will be one of the most valuable experiences you have as a woman founder. The leadership's intentional approach to helping women founders become better company leaders is unmatched."

Participate if you are invited. You will not be disappointed. I believe that I will be a better, more thoughtful founder as a result of attending Ad Astra's Bootcamp."

The Ad Astra Bootcamp helped me identify my unique strengths as a leader and founder, while also giving me an opportunity to refine my brand positioning and pitch. It was an invaluable and empowering experience."

You don't know you need this bootcamp until you go through it. This bootcamp demystifies struggles that we as female founders face but don't yet have the awareness to articulate. This bootcamp opens your mind to a new form of authentic leadership and puts you in control of your narrative."

The AAV bootcamp is one of the best experiences I've had as a founder. It's changed how I view myself and how I view my business. Truly transformational!"

Women often say that we 'desire a community' and while there are some powerful ones on the internet, I found this to be as close to the perfect experience and community that I was looking for at this stage in my company and life."

One of the best programs I've experienced as a female founder. Wish I had known about the bootcamp earlier!"

The feedback I got during the Ad Astra Bootcamp helped me make effective changes to my pitch that I could implement immediately!"

We all have heard the statistics of how little funding women receive, but what many women need are the tools and confidence to navigate the landscape and work towards changing these statistics. This program was definitely the first that made me feel like I have the power to persevere."

I left a more confident founder, with insights that will prove vital to our business and tools for navigating our fundraising... It's safe to say it blew past all my expectations in every way."

Vidya, Allison, and Silvia do an incredible job helping you reflect on why you're building your company and who you're building it for. Unlike any startup event I've been to."

I have to say I absolutely LOVE this approach. Actually more VC - entrepreneur conversations should be a two-way street. It completely changes the dynamic and gives back a lot of dignity to the entrepreneur. Please count me in for any other future bootcamps like this. It's great learning for me and loved meeting the two investors in my breakout."

I have only positive feedback.
Three things stand out:
• The efficiency of the format and use of breakout sessions.
• The Ad Astra signature positive and inclusive culture making everyone feel welcome and listened to.
• The high level of innovation and strong teams among the cohort.

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