What We Do


We reveal your authentic leadership and highlight your unique skills as a leader

Our two signature programs were developed to uniquely support female founders. Our Founder Bootcamps are open to any business to apply and are offered quarterly. All graduates are part of a growing Ad Astra Alumni network. Graduates of the Founders Bootcamp are eligible to enter our Venture Builder program. This bespoke program offers investment, along with structured programming, and 1-1 strategic support from the Ad Astra partners. These programs are described in more detail below.

Founders Bootcamp

Our Get to Even Founder Bootcamps are a transformative 15-hour course that challenges you to think about yourself and your business differently, questioning the stigma of “this is how it is done” and instead create the catalyst for you to build your business in a new and innovative way. In 5 days you will participate in 5 sessions offering you a new and unique perspective on what it means to be both a woman and business leader, gaining tools to activate your leadership and grow your business.

“The Making of a Founder”

“Re-thinking Entrepreneurship”

“Confronting Implicit Bias”

“Rotations: Product-Market Fit / Fundraising Strategy / Storytelling”

“Fundraising Simulations with Investor Mentors”

We change the perspective so that you can change your business.

Bootcamp Dates

Rolling Admission for Future Cohorts

August 2023

Weekdays, August 23rd - 28th

December 2023

Weekdays, late Nov/early Dec - Dates Being Finalized

Note: Each cohort meets for three (3) hours on 
five (5) Weekdays. (No live sessions on weekends.)

Venture Builder

Behind every successful woman is a creative approach to the top. We’ve seen and heard all the tactics and strategies that work for traditional startup founders. We’ve also seen them fall flat for women founders. Our Venture Builder is a bespoke program that combines investment with programming, mentorship, and strategic guidance over the course of 6-8 months. We partner with founders on the hardest challenges they face and find creative solutions based on the unique skills they bring to the table. 

Together we refine the business model, sharpen product-market fit and strengthen the team make-up and structure.

We Invest Our Capital

We Bring Our Expertise

We Share Our Network

*By Invitation Only


Together we refine the business model, sharpen product-market fit, strengthen the team, and create the fundraising strategy, which establishes a solid foundation that enables the company to grow and scale.

We use these tenants as pillars of our approach:

Identify and serve the customer’s deepest needs

Simplify the product to optimize customer retention and engagement

Raise appropriate amount of capital in order to maximize options down the line

Create a new standard of leadership by prioritizing mission and values

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