Who We Are

We say "NO" to the way it has always been
and ask "WHY"

Our Team

Having spent decades in startups, venture, corporate America and academia, we know what it feels like to be misunderstood because of our gender. We are here to change that.  The three partners have turned their passion for empowering women into a startup growth experience. Since 2018, have equipped more than 140 female founders to recognize and neutralize bias, lead authentically, and break free from society’s definition of success and instead rely on your own. With our team’s diverse backgrounds and various investment styles, we deliver on one common goal; get our female founders to even.

Allison Long Pettine

Founding Partner

Vidya Dinamani

Founding Partner

Silvia Mah

Founding Partner

Courtney Burnett

AAV Fund Lead

Maria Gonzalez-Blanch

Investment Committee Member

Our Mentors

Andy White

Keshif Ventures

Andy Ballester


Caitlin Wege

MooDoos Investments

Claire Weston

Reveal Biosciences

Craig Lee


Crystal McKellar

Anthem Ventures

Damien Lanyon

Lanyon Advisory Services

Doug Hecht


Ellen Chang


Eric Gasser

SEED San Diego

Gioia Messenger

Linked Objects

Grace Chui Miller

Correlation Ventures

Greg Arrese

Ride Ventures

Heidi Patel

Rethink Impact

Jason Knapp


Jesse Draper

Halogen Ventures

Heather Wood

J & J

Lucy Postins

The Honest Kitchen

Nina Saberi

Castile Ventures

Shayne Skaff


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