The Ad Astra Ventures portfolio consists of tenacious and ambitious founders who have challenged the status quo.

These founders have empowered themselves and inspired others to think differently and we are proud to support their start up journey.

Liane Thompson


Aquaai provides affordable, high-quality underwater data that is easily accessed on a web dashboard using bio-inspired, autonomous fishlike robots; FaaS – Fish as a Service®.
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Orianna Bretschger


Aquacycl provides sustainable wastewater treatment as a service for companies working to support healthy watersheds and communities world-wide.
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Tiasia O'Brien


Seam Social Labs help researchers and designers use the voices of today’s community to design a better tomorrow. Through our NLP-powered dashboard, co:census, teams get can deep insights on community needs in minutes.
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Kate Dilligan


Cooler Heads is making cold caps affordable, easy to use, and effective so all solid tumor patients facing hair loss from chemotherapy can choose to keep their hair and their identity.
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Sonja Ebron & Debra Slone


Courtroom5 is DIY legal tech for people handling civil litigation without legal representation.
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Emily Josenhans


Domaine Santé was founded by nutritionist Emily, who encourages you to choose Grape Nectar: the better tasting, better for you sugar alternative that is also good for the planet, grown here in California’s backyard.
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Jennifer George


ENVY is a search engine that create credible connections between consumers and businesses through relevant, personalized results, and user-generated content.
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Amanda Sichon & Seda Bilginer


Esas Beauty is pioneering the fragrance industry by creating health-first scented products through innovative scent technologies.
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Jessica Bell Van Der Wal


Frame is a digital fertility and family building advisor, partnering with clinicians and employers to help individuals and couples pursue parenthood confidently.
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Corey van der Wal


Frame is a digital fertility and family building advisor, partnering with clinicians and employers to help individuals and couples pursue parenthood confidently.
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Debbie Chen


Hydrostasis provides personalized and actionable hydration monitoring to improve health and wellness. We work with smart device manufacturers in both consumer and clinical applications.
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Kristina Cahojova


We are unlocking vaginal Data For Our Health – We are on a mission to help women from puberty through menopause.
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Adriana Vazquez & Sujay Kumar


Lilu builds products and tech-enabled devices to empower new moms. We want to help new mothers fully enjoy motherhood by providing products that help them meet the demands of their daily life.
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Ryan Woodbury & Julie Sawaya


Needed is a nutrition company delivering optimal nourishment before, during & after pregnancy that’s backed by thousands of health practitioners.
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Taylor Fields

Nostalgia Coffee Roasters

With sustainability, social responsibility, & innovation at our core, we have fundamentally changed what makes a cup of coffee exceptional.
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Amy VanHaren


pumpspotting’s software makes it easy for companies to create inclusive, baby-feeding-friendly cultures that help families feed and thrive.
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Nichole Macdonald


Sash bag is the 10-pocket wonder bag that will revolutionize your life.
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Julia Wheeler


Seaesta Surf is an independent, sustainable swimwear company on a mission to create comfortable, purposeful swimwear for kids – with designs so cool, adults will covet them too. All of their collections are inspired by Southern California beach culture, bringing together the best elements of surf, street and style.
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Breanne Acio


Sēkr makes outdoor travel easier, safer and more social, connecting travelers to the campsites, resources and outdoor communities they seek.
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Leah Weiss


As trends teams continue to go hybrid and remote, HR leads and team managers will need a smart, data-driven team tool that helps track and build wellbeing. We are building your team’s digital companion for team wellbeing and behavior change using vocal data markers, machine learning and behavior change.
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Shannon Williams


TheControList is a SaaS based compliance software used by small to mid-sized businesses to comply with client, certification, legal, or other recurring requirements.
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Jenna Ryan & Spencer Gordon


Uqora makes innovative products for urinary health and is dedicated to providing research-backed, efficacious solutions for UTIs and other urinary issues.
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Kerri Leslie


Providing truly sustainable packaging options to personal care brands, empowering them to eliminate single use plastics from their offering.
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Julie Collens


Vivid Genomics is accelerating drug development in neurodegenerative disease by identifying patient variation in clinical trials.
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