Bottom Line
Ad Astra will transform you and your business.  It is an experience unlike any other accelerator.

Joining Ad Astra gives you:

      • Entry into Ad Astra’s 12-week program with a personal champion to guide, advice and customize your accelerator experience
      • Access to the entire Ad Astra mentor community
      • Invitations to Ad Astra events, including VC/investment forums, mentor evenings; expert panels, group meetings and 1-1 connections
      • Demo Day exposure and other investor connections
      • Membership in the Ad Astra private network forever
      • Access to free AWS hosting
      • Office space while the program is running
      • A $20,000 investment in the form of a convertible note to all companies who graduate

    In return we ask for up to 5% of common stock in your company.

What is so special about Ad Astra?
We have built our curriculum specifically tailored to female founders.  Why?  Because the research shows females are at a disadvantage when it comes to founding a startup.  But they don’t necessarily know why or how to proactively level the playing field.  We have read hundreds of research papers on this topic and developed a curriculum that acknowledges these biases and how they affect us and what to do about it so we can succeed.


We’ve been working on our company for a while – why should we apply to Ad Astra?
Our program is designed to take you and your business to the next level. We’re going to run you through a carefully designed program that goes deep into areas that will strengthen your foundations, and give you the structure, information and confidence you need to excel.  The program is valuable for founders and companies revenue generating at any stage.

I’m a single founder. Can I still apply?
Yes you can still apply, but we favor teams. We’d like to see that you’re not going it alone, but have skills that support the company, and people that are passionate about delivering.

You’re focused on females, I’m a man – can I apply?
Yes. While our accelerator is focused on growing female founders, and our curriculum is designed to talk specifically about biases faced by women, we welcome all applicants.

How do you choose which companies to accept?
We look for companies with great solutions to big problems, and that have a team that we’re excited about. Our finalists spend time with us in our Accelerator Design Sprint, which allows us to work alongside you for half a day. We select those companies that we feel can best benefit from our curriculum, and our guidance.

What is this Accelerator Design Sprint?
This is a mandatory half-day program for all finalists. We’ve designed this so that we can really get to know the companies. While this is an investment of time for all finalists, they will all walk away with advice and direction. Those offered a place in the accelerator will also fully understand what it’s like to work with us. Win-win.



What kind of companies do you fund?
We primarily invest in technology oriented companies, including web/mobile software, biotech, SAAS, data and AI – where our expertise lies. We tend not to fund service-based companies or consultancies.

We’ve already raised funding. Can we still apply?
Of course. We expect you to have raised some funds to get to the point where you’ve released a product, and have got customers.

We don’t really need the money, should we still apply?
The money we invest is to cover the time you’re spending in the accelerator, and is designed to cover expenses so that you can fully focus your efforts in our curriculum and events. Our investment also comes with our commitment to help you succeed, finding further investment, leveraging our networks and the community to move your company forward.



Do I have to attend in person for the whole 12-weeks?
Yes. Our program works on a 2-week rotation basis. The first week, expect to be attending lectures, workshops, meetings every morning from 9-12. The second week will be customized with your champion and on a much more flexible schedule. The second week ends with a Friday review and presentation. We expect you to be working on your business throughout and we’ve built in time to enable you to focus on your company and customers.

What facilities do you provide?
We have meeting and working spaces for you and your team, along with basic office supplies, lots of whiteboard space and fast wireless. We don’t expect you to work out of our offices full-time like other accelerators – these are working spaces designed to be used while we’re in workshops and for meetings.


Getting Involved

How do I get involved with the program as a mentor or investor?
We welcome anyone who is passionate about growing the community of female founders and investors.  Please reach out to us at for more information on ways to contribute.